Friday, November 12, 2004


First let me bgin by shouting YEAH, we have new windows!!! Remember please that we moved into a 100+year old parsonage that needed lots of work and that we live in the Rocky Mountains at 5200+ft, it is already getting very cold here at times. We have had snow 2-3 times already. Old windows, some of them broken, really needed to be replaced. So it has now been done. The window guys informed us that the new windows would not only help with the insulation and the noise, oh yeah and you can see out (and in them) something that you couldnt really do with the old windows. Noise? Hello? we moved to a town in Montana population 700+ from Chicago, I really hadnt noticed any noise. Ok we do live a 1/2 block off the main road so there is the occasional cattle truck that goes by but hello, that's nothing compared to the noise of the parties from the Northwestern Campus. Although some of the cows do tend to sound like the freshman students who have had too much to drink during 'dillo days. But honestly, I really didnt think that there was any noise here to block out. Apparently my daughter thought otherwise. At dinner she said it was too quite and went and opened a window. RevRef closed it, I mean really it's only 30degrees outside. The nice thing is we have new windows.


MTPolitics said...

Greetings from a former Madison County resident now living in Billings!

I've added you to my blogroll, and will be back visiting often.


The Lovely Wife said...

glad to have you checking in