Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Party time

Ok--The kitchen is done. I have repainted it and it looks great even if I do say so myself. The rest of the house is still all white but acceptable, my family is even managing to help me keep it clean. I know nobody faint or anything. With that all said lets get to the heart of the Blog.....I have joined a rubber-stamping group and it was my turn to host (I dont really stamp but Its good for scrapbooking which I love so...) . I have to admit I was actually pretty excitted. We have a really neat house and I was excited to show it off. So I busily made brownies and a bannana cream pie (thanks to my mom for the recipe). I then fed the child and made sure everything was ready. At 6:30 I put the water on to boil for tea (which no one drank-this is important to know). At 6:45 the smoke alarm went off in the dinning room. I rushed from the living room to the kitchen which was full of smoke, while my child went in the opposite direction not to check on her mother but to check on her animals (my father would be proud). Yes I had done the unthinkable with only 15min to party time I had turned the wrong burner on. Instead of turning the one that had the teapot on it I turned the one that had the pot holder on it. I got into the kitchen to see my pot holder in sparks. Now why I did what I did next Im not sure and RevRef has asked me more than once always shaking his head. But yes, I grabbed the flamming pot holder and threw it out onto the back porch. How I did not get burned is beyond me. Thanks God. Meanwhile me house is now filled with smelly smoke and I am expecting 10 guests to arrive any minute and I have cold tea water. So I turn on the right burner, beeing very careful this time and then The child and I start opening the doors and the two upstairs windows that open, please remember that this is a very old parsonage that has recently been repainted and the windows have been painted shut and we are waiting for the new windows to arrive any time now. So there is no way to get the smoke out. The child and I start fanning the doors and get some relief. We also light every scented candle that I own in hopes of getting rid of the smell before RevRef comes home from his vestry meeting. No such luck there. The candles are actually still going this today in hopes of getting rid of the lingering smell. The second floor kinda had that old ashtray smell last night but it is getting better. Meanwhile there is absolutely nothing left, nothing, of my potholder and I repeat no on NO ONE drank any tea. Hopefully any future parties will be better but I think I will just serve punch.


Anonymous said...

Try setting out a couple small bowls of vinegar to get rid of the smoke smell. Worked in a house bought from a smoker, maybe it will work for potholder smoke too.

Old preachers kid from IL now in Missoula after 35 years in IN. Will pray for the child, living in the parsonage is not always easy.
Found your blog through the RevRef's post to Real Live Preacher.

The Lovely Wife said...

Thanks will try the vinegar--anything has got to smell better than the old ashtray effect we have.