Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Ever Changing Job

When we first we first moved to Montana from Chicago I was a little more than sad to leave a job. I really did enjoy working in pediatrics and I worked with a couple of doctors that to this day I still adore and hold in very high regard not to mentioned several awesome staff members. Being relocated to a town of 700, with only two doctors in it was a little worrisome. Were would I find work and what would I be doing? But as we all know God works in wondrous ways and after being in our new town for less than 1 month I had a part-time job as a medical assistant (my chosen profession) with one of the two family practioners. I was thrilled since when they hired me they said they could guarantee me 1.5 days per week (always get things in writing) and that it would be possible to work in to 3-4 days a week. This was perfect! It gave me time to be home and help with "the child" as well as work and bring in some extra income. Well as of November 1 my job has been reduced in days rather than increased. I will now be working an average of .75 days per week. Needless to say I was not happy! In fact I was a rather upset. Then I called a good friend of mine. She used that time old saying don't worry were God closes a door he opens a window. Amongst my tears I tried to explain that I thought that this was my window. After some lengthy conversation we decided that this window had a screen on it and I needed to look for the real window. Meanwhile I have continued to run every day with my friend from the PT dept and discuss my options or lack thereof. In the meantime our transcriptionist has resigned and the back-up transcriptionist is going on medical leave and the girl who was filling doing PT's transcription was having a really hard time with spelling and was driving the therapist nuts. Hey you know what--I used to do transcription in my first clinic job. So I went to the hospital administrator and volunteered my services, amongst witnesses, I was offered as much work as I wanted. So now I am doing both my minimal clinic job and transcription. I am hoping that this is my open window. I am able to do the transcription from home, I get paid by the line, and I can write off my paper and printer cartridges from my taxes. I got up early Wednesday morning and typed and made $30/hour plus was able to help Todd with some stuff before he went off to work and did the dishes. I suddenly feel like that song--'cause I'm a woman W.O.M.A.N., I'll say it again.......Well you get the idea. Hopefully this is gonna pay off and I've found my open window. Keep the prayers coming. Thanks.


Reverend Ref + said...

You got that transcription thing in writing . . . right?

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

you go with that! hope that you're having fun!

Jane Ellen+ said...

Very nice-- congratulations! Having work that flexible is a real blessing.

And your husband is right-- get it in writing.

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