Saturday, October 23, 2004


Ok let me first set some ground work for you. We have two cats, Prozac and Pandora, sisters and named very appropriately. They are like most siblings one moment they cuddled up together cleaning one another and then the next moment they are chasing one another around the house like crazed teenagers, no offense to any teenagers who may be reading this. So with that understood...... Thursday my running partner who is still sick by the way and not able to work out, came over to the house to check out the rubber stamp catalog. We were sitting at the dining room table minding our own business engrossed in our own conversation when the two cats ran through the room and were growling at one an other like I have never heard before. My friend looked up, me being accustomed to their behavior just blew it off and explained that they chase one another often and then I saw it. The mouse hanging from Pandora's mouth. My friend and I quickly determined that this was not just one of their toys but a real mouse that they had caught. It appeared dead. Pandora proceeded out into the entryway were she chose to play with her new toy and the darn thing got away, guess it was just playing dead. The chase was on. The mouse however, ran underneath the cabinet in the entry way. Both cats tried, without success to get the mouse but little jerry being smarter went down the vent and escaped both cats. Prozac then proceeded to the kitchen to wait diligently in front of a kitchen cabinet. Poised and ready. I can only assume that this is the cabinet from which little jerry came from. It all suddenly makes sense. The cats have been trying to get into that cabinet for a good month. They are always underfoot in the kitchen, at that particular cabinet, waiting for us to open it. The lightbulb has suddenly come on. Pandora continues to look for the mouse anywear. Prozac is sticking to the cabinet. My Friend (Im using that term loosely after her last comment) pointed out that "were there is one there are more." So I having visions of Tom and Jerry cartoons, went and bought mouse poison to put in the basement and underneath that particular cabinet. The guy at the hardware store told me that if I just wouldnt feed my cats so well they wouldnt play with their food. Im taking no chances. The cats will get fed and the mouse will get his little dose of decon. Hopefully that will be the end of it.


Anonymous said...

Just make sure the cats dont eat the decon or the dead mouse full of it.

The Lovely Wife said...

Never thought about the cat eating the dead mouse full of decon. Thanks for the tip.