Friday, September 03, 2004

first day of school

Ok we took "the child" to her first day of school. Rural Montana schools are very different than city schools. First there are no metal detectors. There are no sign in/sign out sheets for visitors. I as a parent can walk in and out of the school at will. I meet the principal/superintendent on the first day after he overheard me remark to the RevRef that there was no metal detector. He explained to us that he is the metal detector and where in most schools they are trying to keep guns out of the schools here in rural Montana they actually are teaching the kids how to use them. They offer "trap shooting" as a school credit class. I am not sure I can get use to this. I cant picture my little girl with a riffle in her backpack on her way to school. (Rev Ref says, "I can . . . it'd be cute.")

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Jane Ellen+ said...

Our schools here are kind of in between: we do have to sign in and out, but there are no metal detectors here, either.

Learning to shoot a rifle really is quite safe, when properly supervised. C. might enjoy it; she's certainly coordinated enough to do it well, if she decides she wants to. I've never done trap/skeet shooting, but learned to shoot still targets from my cousins, picking off cans and such set up at the edge of a cornfield. Haven't done it in years, but it's fun.

Actually, you might like it, too... and if you get good enough, I bet the vestry will never be anything but very, very polite. (^_^)