Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bats in the Belfry

Well Labor day weekend was eventful here in rural MT. It started with RevRef doing his first funeral on Friday. Did a darn good job too! Then on Friday night we had an unexpected and I might add unwanted visitor. While we were in bed watching late night TV we had a bat fly into our bedroom. Circling around the ceiling, while I hid under the sheets and said rather loudly, "getitoutgetitoutgetitout". RevRef tried to figure out how "we" (like I was really gonna be much help) were gonna get it out of the house. Please remember that most of our windows have been painted shut. He then informed me that I was gonna have to come out from under the covers and pay attention to were the bat was until he came back from downstairs with a broom. I obliged thinking that this was all I would have to do. But noooo. I then had to go and get a flash light and hold it on the bat while it hung on the back of the dresser so RevRef could see it and get it with the broom. All he did was make it mad and cause it to hiss at us and show us its fangs. It then proceeded to fly around the room again. RevRef did get it with the broom and held it to the floor with the broom and then had all the nerve to use my shirt to wrap in and throw it out the one window in our bedroom that does open (thank God for that one window). I know that bats are a good thing and that they eat lots of bugs but if they would be so kind as to stay out of my house I would be very grateful. Saturday RevRef broke his ankle while playing with "the child" and now it is my responsibility to take care of any future bats that are in the house. I now sleep with a broom beside my bed. So far we have had no further episodes and I am hoping that it stays that way. The rest of the weekend did go by very uneventfully but I think we encountered enough in the first couple of days to last the whole weekend through.

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