Thursday, August 26, 2004

Road hazzards of rural Montana

Ok when you are driving here in Montana you must watch out for wildlife coming at you from the sides of the road. Then of course you must watch out for the unlucky wildlife that came from the sides of the road and have had the unfortunate opportunity to meet with a moving vehicle along the way aka roadkill. You also have to watch out for all the teenagers learning to drive cause here they are all learning to drive in big 4x4 trucks with large metal cattle gaurds on their vehicles and there are no stop lights and few stop signs. One of my friends had the misfortune to encounter one such teenager who took out the front side panel of his truck when the teen pulled out in front of him. Then while driving his wife's car this friend also had the misfortune of meeting up with an elk in the middle of the road. Yes the elk had already meet another vehicle prior to my friend but he accidently drove right over the rack of the elk puncturing two of their tires. I can safely say it just wasnt their week. Anyway, Revref and I will be traveling across MT to Spokane Washington to pick up "the child" and hopefully we will not encounter any live wildlife in the middle of the road nor any roadkill that will cause harm to the car. As a side note my friend is fine just a little irritated, the truck is being repaired, and the tires on the car have been replaced.

I am looking forward to this trip as I have missed "the child". It will also be nice to see some of our friends in WA again. We get back from WA on Sat night and school starts on Wed so I think we are going to try to do some school shopping on the way home as well. RevRef ought to love that, stopping at the outlet malls and hanging out with the girls while we shop. Oh what fun for him. No seriously he is pretty good about that kinda thing. I am just looking forward to seeing what a mall looks like after not having seen one for 2 months.


Dawgdays said...

This isn't how you got the moose meat and the liver, is it?

And I bet you thought the traffic in Chicago was bad....

Jane Ellen+ said...

Give The Girl a hug from me when you see her; I hope she had a wonderful time, and that you all enjoy nice, safe, critter-free travel.

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