Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Change of Seasons

It is now hunting season here in Big Sky Country. The tourist have dwindled down to a mere handful and the hunters have taken over the motels. Currently it is bow season, so it is relatively quiet but since we live across the street from the largest motel is our town (ok its the only motel in our town 14 rooms large) we see a variety of them coming and going. Mostly we see them coming back home at the close of their day and just notice that their rigs are gone in the morning. I have learned that hunting season is great because things get back to "normal". Those that are only here for the summer move on, but with that the tourist stores start to close down which is sad. I will miss wandering in and out of the tourist stores and just looking around and chatting with the store owners. Hopefully now that the stores have closed more of them will show up at church and I can chat with them at coffee hour instead. Revref will be glad I think that some of the stores have closed as I wont be coming home saying "honey I found the cutest thing for our kitchen today." This statement is usually followed with me carefully and in full detail describing what I found and its exact location and asking him to pick it up the next time he is in town. I guess there are a lot of good things about hunting season if you look at it from that point of view, meanwhile I made him get me 3 pots today for planting flowers in for the kitchen. Should look great in the kitchen and the good news is he got to buy them at 15% off due to the end of tourist season. AAhhh gotta love the change of seasons.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

There's hunting, and then there's hunting... (^_^)