Monday, September 20, 2004


ok. I hate my job! Maybe hate is too strong of a word. For those of you who dont know, let me bring you up to speed. I am currently "job-sharing" with another person. This other person basically is using me to work the hours that she doesnt want to. This week I am scheduled to work one day. Not to mention that the clinic that I am working at doesn't see more than 16 patients a day and that's when both providers are there. Normally it's closer to 6-7/day. Coming from a clinic that saw 30 patients/provider and I didn't have time to breathe this is quite an adjustment and one I am not really enjoying. I have decided that my job-sharing "partner" needs a dose of reality. So I went to the elementary/middle school today and did two things:
1. I got on the sub-list for both the kitchen as well as the k-6 classrooms.
2. I turned in a flyer for piano lessons that will be handed out to all grades 2-8.
Now I am going back up to the clinic and telling my "partner" that I am going back to the original schedule that I was hired for: 1.5 days per week and no Fridays. I have been alternating Fridays with her at her request so that she could attend local sports activities but I think I'm done playing nice. Im off to post my piano flier at the grocery store and the post office too. Hopefully between posting the flier and handing it out at the school I will get some business and suplement the income. Keep the prayers coming and your fingers crossed.


Jane Ellen+ said...

You go, girl!!

The Lovely Wife said...

thanks Jane I need all the boosting I can get.