Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Well the cows have been butchered and liver is on special at the butcher shop!! YUCK!! Big signs out front stating that they have fresh liver and the special price that it is being offered at. Of course RevRef being one of those who likes liver of course noticed the sign and pointed it out. I quickly informed him that I didnt know how to cook liver, didnt want to eat liver, and didnt really want to know how to cook it either. I figure since moving here I have tried moose meat and that was enough for me. I was forced to try liver and gizzards and all that as a kid and didnt like it then and Im sure that my opinion hasnt changed. Ive had a hard time finding anyone who likes liver, anyone out there like liver?


Dawgdays said...

I like liver - with bacon and onions...yum. But like you, I don't know many who do.

Moose? Never had it. Venison I've had, but I didn't care for it.

Now, how about a nice haggis? (I was going to provide a link, but figured I'd better not.)

Jane Ellen+ said...

My grandmother used to make it so I could stomach it, though it was never high on my hit parade; but since then... no. Mom would cook it for Dad, once in a while, but she detested it too, and so never made us eat it.

Reverend Ref + said...

Yummm!!! The liver was great, thanks. Maybe next time you'll have to try DawgDays suggestion and do it with bacon -- my mouth is already watering.

The Lovely Wife said...

The liver wasnt bad to cook. But it was not something I would want to eat. I got to eat eggs!!! YUM! Something RevRef cant eat since having gone through radiation so they were so good. Thanks for all your input. Next time Ill have to try to cook it with bacon.