Saturday, August 14, 2004

fed ex from MT

While at work yesterday I had to call for a Fed Ex pick-up. The Fed Ex operater asked for all the pertinent info. You know: name, phone number, address, etc.. The first thing you should know is that after living here only 1.5months I dont really know the names of the streets as it doesnt really seem important. There are only 5 after all and only one is paved and most of them dead end after just 5 or 6 blocks. There is one that goes east and west for about 10miles and one that goes north and south, that ones the HWY. Anyway the Fed Ex rep wanted to know the street address so after asking around I found the address was on crofoot. Then the Fed Ex rep wanted to know if that was street, Ave, drive or what? After asking I found out nobody knew. The rep said they needed to know cause sometimes there is more than one as in a crofoot drive and a crofoot ave. I explained that we were a small community of 700 and that there wasnt more than one of anything in this town except cows and horses. The Fed Ex guy hasnt come yet but Im keeping my fingers crossed that he can find us. AAAAHHH life in a small town.

On another note, the county fair started this week, therefore all our patients at the clinic cancelled on the opening day of the fair. We had one patient on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, and then things finally picked up on Friday we had 19. YEAH double digits. I guess taking those cows and horses to the fair is important stuff. Me being a city girl, the only reason I can find to go to the fair is to check out the food. If I was single I guess I could see going to check out the cowboys but(t) it seems inaproptiate for the vicar's wife to be checking out the cowboys.


Jane Ellen+ said...

I think of a comment my grandmother made, when my brother was surprised to hear her (at 80-something) take note of an attractive rear view. "I may be old, honey, but I'm not dead yet."

In other words, I'll worry about you when you _stop_ noticing the cowboys. (^_^)

Dawgdays said...

Look, but don't touch, unless they come into the clinic.

Reverend Ref + said...

Although, she does a pretty good job of admiring the vicar's backside.

Jane Ellen+ said...

Can's say as I blame her. ;-)