Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Im not sure which is worse working with people who have decided what box I belong in because of who I am married to or that my husband's profession leads people to draw the conclusions that they need to put me into such boxes.

Today at work, I mentioned that I wanted to watch a certain TV show. A co-worker replied "you watch that show?" When I explained that yes, I actually like this show and that it was a show that I enjoyed watching with my kids I got the reply "doesn't it have a gay character?" I replied yes, it does, in fact it has a couple of them. But life has gay people in it too. In fact some of my best friends are gay. There was a huge pause followed by "but isn't your husband a pastor". Yes he is. He is a pastor to ALL of God's children.

I must admit that this was not the first box that I was put in today. Earlier in the day, I was also told by someone that they have a problem with me because their mom is a "pastors-wife" and they just don't understand how I can have a full time career instead of supporting my husband full-time. I kindly explained that I had a career prior to my husband going to school and it was my career that allowed us to pay the bills while he attended seminary.

I support my husband and my family in all that they do but they do not define the whole of who I am.


Mark said...

OMG, you mean you don't stay at home and plan the next ladies' tea or knitting event at your home?! How dare you?!

I ran into a clergy person once who told me that I really did need to go get married so that my wife could be a good "pastor's wife," it was expected you know.

I like you're line, "life has gay people in it too." May I borrow that?

The Lovely Wife said...

Mark--did you tell said clergy person that you had several wives/girlfrieds that you could borrow for any event that you needed a wife for?

And of course you can borrow my line--it may cost you, but you can borrow it.

Anonymous said...

Power to The Mom. <3

The Kid