Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sing Me Home by Jodi Picoult

I am a big Jodi Picoult fan. She always seems to pick a topic of controversy and makes you think, all the while giving you something enjoyable to read at the same time. I have yet to read a book written by her that I didn't like, granted I may not have "loved" all of her books but there definitely has not been one that I have not liked and thoroughly enjoyed while reading it. Sing Me Home was no different.

As usual, Jodi has done her research and done it well. The main character, Zoe is a musical therapist. I work in the medical field as well as teach piano on the side, I definitely LIKE Zoe's character. As Zoe deals with pregnancy, divorce, and then finding herself again with an opportunity for new love and for a new family you will find that through Jodi's dramatic and detailed writing you will be rooting for Zoe whether you want to or not.

That's not to dismiss any of the other characters. Sing Me Home is a book told in three voices, Zoe's, Zoe's ex-husband Max's, and the voice of Vanessa, a school counselor who we first meet at Zoe's baby shower. There are other minor characters who you will fall in love with as well, people like Zoe's mom Dara. There will be character's that you will just groan at like Pastor Clive. There are others that make you ache like Lucy, the teenager that is working with Zoe through music therapy. There isn't however one character who isn't needed or who you feel you didn't get enough information on. Through Jodi's writing you will feel like you are reading about people in your own community or people that you can, at the very least visualize in every setting.

Zoe's ex-husband is very real and the situation that we find him as an alcoholic trying to figure out what to do in life makes us wish that it really was just fiction. Unfortunately Jodi's writing is right on and reflects the thoughts of many in the world today.

Sing Me Home is ultimately a book of relationships and how we treat one another. The book being told from both sides of the story enables us to do just that, hear both sides of the story. Often in a controversial issue we have our own thoughts as to what is right or wrong. By having the story told from more than one perspective, Jodi makes us listen and actually hear the story from all sides. While you would really like to dislike one side or the other you find that you are unable to because as you listen to their stories you actually like all of the characters.

I applaud Jodi's work for she always takes a hot topic and makes you think all the while giving you something enjoyable to read and hopefully broaden your thinking, never telling her readers how to think.

Thank you Jodi for another great read.

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