Saturday, July 16, 2011

Needing direction

Im in that in-between time.
A time in my life where one exchange kid (one that I have grown extremely attached to) has returned back to her own home country and the next kid has not yet arrived.

Add to that the fact that we have now lived in our new town 7 months and Im still trying to find out who to hang out with, where to hang out, and generally what I want to get involved in.

Ive mentioned to several members at church that if choir practice was held at a different time that that could be a viable option. Currently the choir meets prior to me getting home from work, I'm hopefully that in the near future that may change. I also have been approached to join Daughters of the King and am considering that idea.

The scrapbooking store down the street where I thought I could possible find a place to hang out and possible meet people to hang out with, has now closed.

I talked to one of the volunteers at the library and there wasn't a book group that fit my time schedule either.

Wondering how people who move often such as working military wives for example, handle moving especially if they don't live on base?

Rev has been great about hanging out with me but I'm sure that he didn't truly enjoy the trip to the antique store today and he enjoyed the novelty store even less. Thankfully he endured them both without complaint.

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