Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Blame My Mother

In the early days, my mother, Dr. Spock, and the editor of Parent's magazine all recommended reading to your child.

I didn't ever really take a lot of Dr. Spock's advice so I guess I can't really blame him.

I did read a lot of Parent magazine when my child was young so I guess it could be somewhat their responsibility.

My mother on the other hand encouraged reading in our home when I was growing up. My mom's purse was always big enough to carry a book and we were always encourage to never leave the house without a book ("you never know when you may have to wait and having something to read will come in handy" was a phrase we learned to live by.) I became an avid reader. I read all the time. I too never go anywhere without a book. Hence it must be my mother's fault.

When the kid was little we went to the library once a week for story hour and came home with a bag of 40 kid's book (40 was the limit) and we read every one during the week usually more than once.

When we wanted her to do something that she didn't want to do it became easy to convince her all we had to say was "I'll get you a new book if you do.." We rationalized this bribery with books was a good, educational thing.

Parents beware.

The kid now does not go anywhere without a book. She reads everywhere including in the car.

Unfortunately I believe that we may have created a monster.

There was a dance recently at school. The kid wasn't going to go until a Boy said, "if you go to the dance I'll buy you a book". Wow does he have her number. He was even smart about it and didn't provide the book until she showed up at the dance. I believe Boy is going to make a good parent at some point.

Meanwhile, I can see kid's future now and it is starting to scare me. Nine years down the road, her masters degree is complete and a young man turns to her and says "I'll buy you a book if you marry me."

Oh dear me, I must stop this cycle now! She must learn that there is more to the world than books.

There are diamonds after all.


Mark J. said...

On behalf of guys everywhere, I say we need to encourage this trend. The engagement book, the wedding book... Yes, much more affordable than diamonds!

Darlin Darlin Darlin said...

:D hahahaha... this is great! I MUST meet this boy... lol! wow... good luck 'daughter', I hope the dance was fun!! crazy....crazy.... :)