Thursday, June 17, 2010

Next Stop

We have arrived at our next destination--Hamburg! Our current exchange student is from here and his family has graciously offered to put us up for a couple of days and show us around. They are a delightful family and it has been fun to get to know them too.

Let me just start by saying that this is one BIG city.

We have gone to the harbour, seen a memorial to WWII, and have toured a beautiful church which included climbing 452 stairs to the top of their bell tower and because one of the workers there found out that Rev is a priest we got special treatment and were showed an underground secret tunnel that led out of the crypt. Bach's brother is buried in the crypt by the way) It was way cool. We have also been given a driving tour around town. WOW!

They have some beautiful parks and the waterfront is a sight to see with the sailboats and all. However, the drivers here are crazy and there are way too many of em. Those that are brave enough to ride their bikes must have nerves of steel as I watched them weave in and out of traffic like it was nothing.

Tomorrow we have a full packed day, should be fun.

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