Sunday, May 09, 2010


I have had 5 exchange students and one child of my own. This Mother's day as I sit and reflect on my kids and all that they mean to me and the things that I have learned from them, I would have to say that I have great kids and have learned a lot from them.

My oldest "daughter" and I used to shop together A LOT and spent a lot of time together going for walks and cooking together in the kitchen. She is wise beyond her years and a delight to be around. When the Kid was getting ready to embark on her own exchange trip the eldest gave me a lot of advice. I'm glad she did. But mostly I'm glad that we have had the talks that we have had this year. We still have a great relationship and count each other as family. Several of my other daughters and I continue to email back and forth and call as well which has also meant a great deal this year, especially with the Kid being over-seas.

I have my first "son" who has been with us for almost 5 months while my daughter has been away in Germany and some things at home have changed with having a son in the house. I am not talking about the fact that we took down all the foo-foo stuff in the Kid's room so that it would look more gender neutral either. For instance, nobody seems to want to watch Desperate Housewives with me. On this account my daughter needs to come home soon before I can't get caught back up. The family Netflix queue now has a lot more blood-n-guts movies than it did before, (thank goodness for the "instant queue" which is all full of romantic comedies and stuff only the Kid and I would like).

Somethings it seems remain the same no matter what gender kid we put in our home. All kids in our home like to stay up late and prefer to sleep past 10am. They all like to eat, preferably non-stop. Every kid we have had in our home also takes his/her make-up off one eye at a time, preferable with eye make-up remover. Alcohol stings (our son found this out when I was not home to show him where the make-up remover was).

Each kid, no matter male or female, country of origin, exchange kid or home grown, they have all brought something special and unique to our home. I like being a mother. I hope that they are half as proud to call me mom as I am to be their mom.

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