Saturday, April 10, 2010


Recently the following comment was directed at me: "I didn't realize that you were such a sports enthusiast". I just want to clear some things up.

FOOTBALL: My mom will tell you that I started rooting for the Chicago Bears at the age of 3 with my dad. In reality, my love of the game probably began when I started attending our local high school football games at the age of 13. My brother played trombone in the Golden Apple Marching Band and my family didn't miss a home football game. As I transitioned from jr high to high school I simply continued to attend, fulfilling my high school duty. As an adult I regularly attend the local high school football games, rarely missing a game (after all my daughter is in the pep band). My love of football still continues through to college games and right on through to the pros. Hello, I married a high school football referee and have celebrated many anniversaries at high school games that he was working.

BASKETBALL: First of all I prefer girls ball to boys. I can handle high school b-ball, but really prefer college ball. I can't stand pro basketball, there is just simply too much testosterone on the court to really call it a game. Its more of a "look at how great I am sport". College and high school still know how to play as team making it more enjoyable to watch.

HOCKEY: How did my parents celebrate Easter this year? They were at a hockey game. Yep, I grew up on hockey. We were at the rink every weekend all winter long. Hockey was big in my home town. Most of the boys that I knew began playing hockey early on and continued through till high school. As a kid, all I ever wanted was to be able to snow plow the way Tyler Fitzgerald and Greg Fletcher did, some how my figure skates just wouldn't produce the amount of snow off the ice that those two boys could. I longed to stop in front of the two of them just one weekend and cover them from their waist to their toes in snow the way they did to me and my friends so many times. Not being able to snow plow did not deter my love for the game. I love the fast pace, the hard hitting, the sound of the sticks hitting the puck and the sound of the puck as it soars through the net. If you need to understand the game better take a look at this web site, if nothing else it will give you a smile.

BASEBALL: I know it is America's pastime but for me I can take or leave it. I do however like the Little League World Series and College World Series but other than that if there is nothing else to fill the time than ok.

SOCCER: Don't really understand all the rules but it can be fun to watch.

VOLLEYBALL: one of the only sports I have any experience playing. I enjoy watching it and I love cheering for my daughter and her team.

RUGBY: I have absolutely NO idea how that game works but it is a hoot to watch.

OLYMPICS: I rarely miss an event. I love to watch it all both summer and winter.

GOLF, BOWLING, NASCAR, POOL, TENNIS: These 5 sports are all great for one thing...sleeping.
I don't play any sports other than the occasional game with the family. But I did grow up with sports and yeah, I pretty much like most all sports to some degree if that makes me a "sports enthusiast" than I will wear the label proudly.


Down Under Alan said...

What about Aussie Rules ....

The Lovely Wife said...

Sorry Alan, not alot of Aussie Rules shown here in the US. Would love to go down under though and actually see a game just once.