Friday, June 26, 2009

Little things=Joy

My favorite quote from The Jerk is as follows:
Steve Martin: The new phone book is here!! The new phone book is here!!
Mr. Artunian: I wish I could get that excited over nothing.
Steve: Nothing! Are you kidding? Page 73...Johnson. Mavin. R. I'm SOMEBODY now! Millions of people look at this book everyday. This is the kind of spontaneous publicity, your name in print, that makes people. Im in print. Things are going to start happening to me now.

When I was in sixth grade I sat across from Jeff Jones. Jeff was probably the biggest Steve Martin fan I have ever known. He also is the one who introduced me to The Jerk and the above quote. It is one that has always stuck in my head. I love Steve Martin, probably not as much as Jeff but still I have become quite the fan thanks to that initial introduction.

Today I received the new Janet Evanovich book in the mail. Yes number 15 is now in my hands and I, like Steve Martin began jumping around the office. "the new book is here, the new book is here!"

My name will not be in print, I will not be getting free publicity, and things probably wont start happening to me now that I have the book, but hey, lets face it when the phone book comes out those things don't happen to me either but it doesn't stop me from dancing around my living room shouting to my husband that the new phone book is here. Its the little things in life that give me joy.

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