Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dadadum Charge!

Normally at church we have "Ms. Emily".

Ms. Emily is a lovely little electronic hymnal that for all practical purposes works great. However we also have a beautiful pipe organ in one of the two churches that my husband serves and it is a shame that we don't have an organist to play it on a regular basis.

Luckily for us, during the tourist season the opera house is open and the person who usually plays for the shows has been known to come and play for us as well. It is a real treat.

This year one of our favorite organists is back in town. He is a great person and has become a friend of the congregation. This will be his third year playing with us and it is definitely good to have him back in our midst.

The only bad thing about having a real organist again as opposed to "Ms Emily" is that they are just that, real. Not only do we have to adjust to the human quality but I have to adjust to having someone around to harass me. I guess the later is good cause he harasses just about everybody..all in a good way.

There are things that Ms. Emily can't do that our real organist can do such as play the doxology. When we use Ms. Emily we have to sing it acappella.

Today however was a perfect example of getting used to the human quality. When our summer organist is not playing for us he has been known to play for the Detroit Red Wings as well as for the Fox Theater with the Roxettes. Today the doxology went rather quickly and you could almost here the crowd in the background shout "CHARGE" when we were done.

Im sure as the summer goes on Detroit will get used to the fact that the Stanley Cup will reside with the Pens and we will get used to the qualities of a "real" organist (at least for a little while).

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