Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Ever since I graduated from high school, my folks and I have not lived closer than 3hrs driving distance apart. Usually more. My parents and I are quite close so being far apart has always been a challenge.

When Rev and I lived in Chicago and were finishing up seminary the hope was to get closer to our families and "home". We are now 8hr from my folks and 11hrs from the Rev's folks. Still a long distance but doable.

My parents are actually taking vacation and heading here for a week. I am so excited. However, there are several things that I wish were different: I wish the weather was better (it is snowy and cold here but hey it is spring in Montana), I wish I could take more time off work to spend with them, I wish more of the tourist sites were open, etc...But as my mom always says "It will be what it will be". I have definitely scheduled shopping time with my mom and grand-daughter time with pappa so all is good.

Meanwhile they will be here today...actually in like 3hrs. :)! I guess the house is as clean as it is going to get--Nothing says clean like company.

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