Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Teaser

I thought that since I was doing the "Spring Reading Thing" I would also try to do the "Teaser Tuesday" that Miz B and Kim have been kind enough to introduce me to.

Here is the way it works: you get a sneak peak into what Im reading by viewing 2 sentences from my current book. The deal is you are to let the book fall open and then pick two sentences somewhere between line 7 and 12 on that page.

Currently I am reading Swim To Me by Betsy Carter, so from page 105:

How about if every night, we use one of your girls in full mermaid regalia to deliver the weather report? I know what you're thinking--believe me, we've covered the bases on this--mermaids can't stand up in their tales, right? No problema.

Sorry I know that was three sentences but two is really hard and "No problema" really finished it out. To find out how it is not a problem you will have to pick up a copy.

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