Saturday, March 21, 2009

Computer Causes Moms Heart To Skip A Beat

As a mom it is one of my duties (and one that I enjoy) to be proud of my kid.

This weekend my daughter was competing at FCCLA State. She was competing in a team competition (her and another girl, both sophomores) in the senior division of illustrated talk. They had chosen the topic of heart disease and titled their talk "don't let your heart skip a beat".

Rev and I watched a "dress rehearsal" and I was really impressed with the fact that they started with a short skit, had a lot of research and had it all illustrated through a power-point demonstration. Let me just say that power-point is something that I do not normally enjoy. However all the kids that used it did a great job and only used it as illustration, and it only added to their talks and did not deter from it.

The kid and her friend were real excited and I was excited for them. We thought that they had a great chance at state.

Last year she qualified for Nationals and had a great time and learned a lot. It shows this year.

Both FCCLA and a program called UpwardBound have taught my kid a lot over the last 2 years.

This year at state, her and her partner ran into a snag. Just as they went to advance the power-point program the computer shut down. It took 5min to re-boot the computer and begin the power-point. They are only given 5 min to set up prior to starting, thus this extra time could have cost them dearly. However the kid said it was no big deal and the best thing that they could do was to remain calm so that judges could see that they were prepared. Her partner, having never been to state was nervous enough already without this glitch so it was probably good that they were a team and could use each other's strengths.

Despite the glitch with the computer, they scored a bronze and are quite pleased and already talking about next year.

Meanwhile, one of the kid's friends was running for State President. She didn't get President but got secretary. The kid rallied and told her friend a story that was told at opening ceremonies but relating it to her friend instead. Apparently, it went over well and all were laughing.

This all makes me realize that 1. my kid is well prepared. 2. my kid pays attention 3. she is there for those around her and 4. she is growing up way to fast.

In their talk they discuss all of the causes of heart disease, the things you can do to decrease your risk, etc.. I however realized that my heart skips a beat for other reasons too: fear, pride, love, excitement, sometimes just being a mom. This week my heart has skip several beats due to these reasons, but mainly just from pride and being a mom.

Kid Im proud of who you have been, who you are, and who you are becoming. YOU ROCK MY WORLD.

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