Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 Minutes

Currently our school district is looking at switching to a 4 day school week.

What that means boys and girls, is that you would now get to go to school Monday through Thursday, with the majority of sporting events being held on Fridays and Saturdays. Also the teachers would get to have their "Professional Development Days" on Friday so that they would be able to meet the required continuing education and perhaps even have the opportunity to get more than just what is required to "get by".

As an athlete you would have the opportunity to attend class more often, perhaps raising your grade point average and getting a better shot at college entrance testing and even maybe having a better chance at some scholarships.

Yes you would have to attend school 8 minutes more per day and go 3 weeks more per year but heck you would still get 11 weeks of summer vacation.

Think of it this way, you could have to go to school all year round like they do in Europe, Asia, and even many schools in California. Yes those schools get 3-1month vacations throughout the year but many of them also attend school anywhere from 4-6 days depending on the system. They attend on the 6th day for required extra-curricular activities i.e. sports, drama, yearbook, etc...

I have tried to find schools in Montana that have switched to the 4 day school week but have switched back. I have however been unsuccessful. I have only been able to find one school who looked into the idea for "financial reasons" and then opted not to switched due to not enough financial gain.

8 minutes is really not that much time, in fact I wasn't really convinced that you could achieve much in that time until I went and searched through the internet to find all the things that could be done in 8 min.
Here is a small list of some of the things I found:

Improve diabetic health in 8 min
Name the presidents in 8 min
Sculpt hips and thighs in 8 min
Meditate and quiet your mind
A Real 8 min workout
5 Kick ass workouts
Eat 46 Latkes in 8 min
Recap Bush's 8 year reign in 8 minutes
Speed dating, meet 8-12 singles in 8 min

Then of course you have the 8 min products: the 8-min fitness videos, 8 min black and white epoxy, 8 min smoke cartridges, 8 min face lifts and many others. Not sure what you would do with some of this or why you would want most of it but hey it was all about 8 min.

Just so you know I found all of the above products as well as all of the web links in less than 8 minutes.

I guess a lot can be accomplished in 8 minutes.

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