Thursday, October 02, 2008

how do you spend your time?

Ok out of curiosity I would like to know how others spend their time.

I am quickly learning that the only thing, other than scrapbooking which isn't real regular, in my life is my kid(s) and Im not so sure that this is extremely healthy.

My husband has a busy social calendar, especially now that football is in full swing. The kids also seem to have a packed schedule. Mine however seems to be lacking, after you take out attending the volleyball games it pretty much is wide open.

I have been offered to join the "Search and Rescue Team" but Im not sure that this is really enough, nor is it where I want to be. Not sure what my "thing" is or where my "niche" is or at this point how to find it.


Anonymous said...

maybe your nich isn't here
maybe your nich is where you came from

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a time before the windy city when the Riverfront gang would spend their lunches flying like the wind ,fleet of feet
What ever became of that lucky hat? perhaps stuffed in a box in the attic, neglected in a dresser drawer well !

The Lovely Wife said...

Tom, I dont think I ever was "flying like the wind". If you remember right I was the one at the back of the pack. Maybe I will try running again, it was a nice niche that I have always been able to take with me. Thanks for the reminder.