Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to spot and adjuster

One and one-half weeks post hail storm and the insurance adjusters are still in town.  They are really easy to spot.   

For one they all seem to carry some type of clipboard type binder and are usually seen outside someone's home pointing to specific damage, ie swiss cheese siding, broken windows or the like. 

They have also been seen using their computers on main street (our free town wi-fi) from their cars and the local bakery/deli (the latter would be my choice).  

The real dead give away however, is that they seem to all wear shirts and ties.  Not real common attire around here in this laid back town.  

Hopefully we will have all of our estimates in this week to be able to fax over to our adjuster and then maybe we can get started on repairing the roof before winter.  Each time a storm rolls in now I get kinda nervous wondering if it is going to leak on my piano.

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