Thursday, May 15, 2008

Honor's breakfast

This morning was the Honor's breakfast at my teen's school. This is the time when they invite all the parents of the high schoolers who have been on the honor roll for the past 3 quarters in for a special breakfast. They give out certificates to the kids, have a drawing for prizes from the local deli, video rental place, coffee house, etc..

Breakfast was full of options, from bacon, 3 kinds of fresh fruit, pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, yogurt, and two kinds of muffins. Not a bad spread for a little school.

Its great that the school does this. They tell the kids what a great job they are doing, they tell the parents what a great job we are doing, and encourage us all to continue. What baffles me is how many families didn't show up, their kids names were called but they weren't there. It seems somewhat sad to me to work so hard and to be honored but not to be there.

Anyway we were there and we enjoyed breakfast with our daughter. After breakfast I decided that I wanted a chocolate chip muffin that everyone at our table was raving about. I asked our daughter to go and get me one. She declined though she had one in her hand. She told us goodbye and went off to class. I went up and got a muffin then we left and went out to the car (yes we drove the 4 blocks, I was running late) and there on top of our car was a muffin. What a silly kid.
A smart kid and a thoughtful kid, can't beat that. Let's just hope she remembers to turn in her homework.

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