Friday, May 16, 2008


This year is my big birthday. I turn 40 on Monday. When I turned 30 people gave me a hard time and I didn't understand it, it was just another year. Forty somehow feels different.

Thankful a few of my girlfriends understand this and surprised me and took me out to dinner tonight to celebrate. After 3hrs of dinner, laughter, conversation, and cake I can now almost tolerate the thought that I am going to be 40.

My friends here are a blessing. I can always count on them to help get me through. Tomorrow we will be scrapbooking all day. I am sure that they scheduled this day as our scrap day in honor of my birthday as well. (I know it was just the day that was available but hey its my birthday let me have my illusion). There will be lots of fun, laughter, treats (Im making cookies) and crazy together time with the girls that I enjoy hanging with. This birthday might not be so bad after all.

Thanks girls.


Jane Ellen+ said...

Your birthday isn't for another week, so I will save my official congratulations for then. But I will say that I have found my 40's, in some ways, to be better than my 30's.

If nothing else, I didn't meet you all until I was 40-- and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss that! (^_^)

Kim said...

I spent my 40th birthday having fun! I figured if I had to get older, at least I wasn't going to grow up! Mama Mia and I went to Disneyland!