Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New April Fools Day Pranks

In Montana, it has been said that we don't get out much. We do things for entertainment like cow-tipping.

As people retire and get older the recliner in the living room becomes a friend and the view from the living room becomes the entertainment. Recently the view in front of one of our parishioners homes has changed. Thus so has the entertainment. With the construction on main street, the crew has placed an outhouse directly in front of her living room window.

She is not happy, and that is an understatement. She is grumpy and grumbly about it. She has even asked people to tip over the outhouse. Outhouse tipping for those of you unfamiliar with this prank, is done usually when someone is in the outhouse and usually you tip the outhouse on to the door so that the occupant is trapped and has to scream to get someone to let them out.

Outhouse tipping is an old Halloween Prank but who says it can't be an April Fools prank as well. Outhouse tipping is said to be "really funny and serves many socially redeeming functions". After my walk to work this morning and nearly getting ran over by two of the construction workers in their big trucks, I'm with Bobby on this one, it may not solve Bobby and my problems with be tired of the construction but at least we could have some fun. I say it could be the new April Fools prank.

Anyone up for outhouse tipping?


Anonymous said...

I'll be right over.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I'd read this yesterday, I would soooo have been there!!! Wonder how much the fine would be??