Saturday, March 01, 2008


Yes, two days ago was the wonderful Parent Teacher Conferences. First semester my daughter's grades were really good and I had no worries. In fact Rev and I have joked that the aliens have abducted are daughter and left us with a kid who is apparently paying attention and caring about her grades. Yeah and thank you to the aliens!

This semester I went to PTC by myself cause Rev was sick. That's ok we weren't expecting too much and the way the school runs the system it can take anywhere from 1-2hrs just to stand in line and talk to each teacher. I left the house at 4 and then left the school at 5:30 feeling victorious for getting done so soon.

When I started talking with the teachers the first thought that came to my mind was "Man, I wish Mrs Brown was here to hear all of this". Let me explain. When our daughter was in second grade, she was having trouble with math. Timed tests on addition/subtraction and then later multiplication to be exact. Her teacher, Mrs Brown felt that she needed to be held back. She read at a 6th grade level and got great grades in all other areas. The school had us go through IQ testing and a bunch of learning studies since we didn't feel she needed to determine whether she needed to be held back.

The testing showed that we had a smart kid, but one that was very much a perfectionist. She wanted to always get things right the first time. Could have told em that without the testing, like duh. It did also reveal that she had test anxiety and would never do well with timed-type tests. This was not enough for the second grade teacher. She still felt that our child needed to be held back. Luckily for us we moved and we she was not held back.

Last semester my daughter's GPA for her first semester of 9th grades was 3.89 (darn that one B+). Her math grade and science grade (taught by the same teacher) were both A's. At the beginning of the second semester the math grade has dropped a little but the teacher had nothing but good things to say about my child and assured me that the grade will be back up. Her English grade has also dropped down from its A also. Why? Lets trying turning in some of our homework, shall we? The English teacher also sees my child as a really smart kid and had really good things to say. In fact every teacher that I spoke with mentioned my daughter to be a bright teenager, though a couple did mention her perfectionist tendencies. Is that really a flaw? I wanted to ask to have letters or at the very least my child's report card sent to Mrs Brown. But I will just enjoy the fact that my daughter is in the Academic Olympics, the school play, FCCLA, Volleybal, band, and choir. Oh yeah, and she goes on a week long mission trip every year during the school year. Lets hear it for involved and good grades. YEAH!!!!!

Meanwhile, I am hoping that whichever aliens abducted my daughter, that they don't come back to exchange her for at least 3 more years. Let us get through high school and maybe qualify for a good scholarship. Then we will negotiate. Possession is 9/10th of the law.

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Mark J. said...

What if the aliens abducted the real kid waaaay back, a long time ago, and just now returned the real Cece?