Thursday, February 28, 2008


As a kid we lived in an apartment complex where there were lots of kids. Every night all of us kids would get together and play games on the lawn until dinner time.

Apparently we may get older but apparently we all still like to play tag. It is apparent in the amount of blogger tag games that I have read. I have been tagged by CrimsonRambler. Its been awhile since I've played tag but I think I still remember how this game works.

The Rules:

Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging.
Rule 2) List the rules.
Rule 3) Tag three others with the thread.

1. Why do I Blog? Hmmmm.
1a)Well it started out as a way to maybe get to talk to other clergy spouses who may be dealing with things that I was dealing with.
1b)Now it really is just a way to share the comings and goings of my families life with friends and family that no longer live near us and inadvertently share with others as well.
1c)It has been a fun way to make new friends in the blogging world and share stories. (that's kind of three in one)
2)Peer pressure ranks in there too. ( I know if all your friends were jumping off a bridge would you jump too? Is there a bunjee cord involved?)
3) do we really need a three. My first answer can really cover all three, and anyway rules were made to be broken right? For those of you who really need a third.... cause its fun!

2. As far as the rules, see above.

3. I tag-- Anglobaptist, Padre Mickey, and Mark.
I hope you all take time to find your inner child, and choose to play.


Mark J. said...

Tagged, blogged, and tagged others!

Padre Mickey said...

What mark j. said.