Thursday, March 13, 2008

"He's alive, he's alive" cried Young Frankenstein

If you remember right several days ago I took the battery out of my cell phone and the SIM card and left it to "air out" after it went swimming. By the way swimming is something a cell phone should never do.

I was sure my phone was dead and that I would need to purchase a new phone which was not something I was looking forward to. Much to my relief however, my cell phone, just like Lazarus but without the "stinketh" part, has been resurrected.

Me like, Mary weeped with joy. I have my cell phone back. I am now connected with all my numbers again. YEAH!

Thanks again to my good friend for loaning me a cell phone in my days of need. If you dont have a friend like that, I suggest that you get one. They come in handy.

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