Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dinner conversation

I have now decided that my family is not normal.

Ok truth be told I have known this for quite some time but did not really want to admit it. Dinner time conversation at our home is like no other.

Tonight at dinner the Rev and I were discussing how a local woman's husband was a Lutheran minister in Germany, thus a "real" Lutheran. When from her side of the table my darling little daughter asks "where do baby Episcopalians come from?" without missing a beat both Rev and I reply "from their mommy Episcopalians and daddy Episcopalians".

"NO." she loudly replied.

Apparently we had the wrong answer. "I mean aren't we a break off of that one church? The Catholic church....No wait, that is that other church." She ponders for a moment then begins again. "I mean the Catholic church started in England and we split off of that other church, oh... I cant remember which one but I watched a show about it on the history channel. The church in Rome."

At this point both her father and I are extremely worried.
What are we doing wrong? It looks really bad when the priests kid doesn't even know the history of the church. Rev begins to explain it.

No light bulb is going off above the daughter's head. "So are we a break off of the Lutheran church?"

Ok lets go over this again.
and again.
and again.
and again.

Finally with pen and paper Rev begins again.

20 minutes later I think the light bulb finally went off.

I think she must have been a little blond somewhere along the line.

We love her anyway. And just so we all understand, she now understands that the Roman Catholic church and the Catholic church are the same thing and she now understands how we got our start.

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