Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Apparently Teyve was right, the dead have a lot to say.

My daughter tried out for the school play. This year they are doing "Our Town". She had a particular part all picked out that she wanted, no doubt a lead.

She found out that she did not get the part that she wanted. Instead she got a different part. A boys part (now a girls part after a name change). She has like 6 or 7 lines. I tried to make her feel better and pointed out that she should be happy after all she is only a freshman and there are plenty of people who have no lines at all.

My daughter replied, "Mmmoom, Kara is playing a dead person and has more lines than I do". If you forgot to read that with the appropriate 14-year-old attitude please go back and re-read it, don't worry we will wait for you.

Being the good mother that I am I who the heck am I kidding I had no "good mother" retort. I just laughed. In fact whenever I think about it I still find myself chuckling.

I guess instead of the lead she should have wanted to be one of the dead people.


Jane Ellen+ said...

Well, in that particular play, the lead IS a dead person...

One of my favorite plays, actually. When's the performance?

Anonymous said...

your daughter didnt need a bigger part. she didnt even get her little part right. she didnt make her apperence, and didnt have the right dress or shoes on. she decided to read her book instead. i think that Kara did a great job in the play. she did her part and your daughters. now isnt that nice and good of Kara to know her own part and your daughters?

Jane Ellen+ said...

Anonymous: First of all, I saw the show, and I thought ALL the actors did a fine job-- including The Kid, with BOTH of the small roles she had. No one did the roles for her, and the only bobble I've heard about was a misstep on the part of the narrator, at one performance. Nothing wrong with that-- it happens, even in professional shows.

Secondly, I find it sad that you would feel the need to spread such angry venom about what was a high school play, for pete's sake. And cowardly to do so behind a veneer of anonymity.

The kids are growing up. I suggest you do likewise.