Friday, February 08, 2008

Who knows the right age to have kids?

When I was 24, I was told by a doctor that if I ever wanted to have kids I had better do it now and not wait as the rev and I had planned on doing. We wanted to wait a few more years. We had only been married a couple of years and really didn't feel that we were financially ready. Yeah we know you are never financially ready. So with the information from the doctor we decided to go ahead and start our family. (We did the right thing we had a beautiful baby who is now at times a challenging yet beautiful teen.)

I now know though why the doctor told me that. It wasn't because of the medical condition that I was having problems with at the time like we thought. NO!! It was God whispering in his ear.

I am now certain of this. We have been taking care of a 15-month-old for the past week and I have decided that God knew what he was doing when he told that doctor to have me have children then and not wait. I was observed telling the child "No" when he was getting into something and a friend pointed out that that would be 5 years of therapy. I wanted to know for the child or me? The friend just shrugged his shoulders.

At this mature age, I do not have the energy, after working 8-10hrs at a regular job, to come home and try to cook dinner while running after a child who seems to be running on Energizer batteries.

I tell you he could give the bunny a run for his money, at least until 8pm. Thank God for 8pm!


Jane Ellen+ said...

I dreamt last night that I went to the doctor for a checkup, and he told me I was expecting. More than 20 years after the last pregnancy, mind you.

Yes, it was a nightmare. Oy.

The Lovely Wife said...

Jane, whatever you ate before you went to bed I think I would re-think eating it close to bedtime again.