Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Im definitely home.
I left Belize where it was in the 80's with a high humidity and returned home to -20. So cold that when you walk out side the snot in your nostrils freeze.

In Belize my nose didn't run, my lips weren't chapped, and my dry skin all cleared up.

I've been back in Montana for 2 days and I have already had 2 bloody noses, my lips are once again chapped, and my skin is dry and irritated.

On the flip side, my husband drove through a snow storm to pick me up and the smile I got when he reached the airport was awesome.

Also being home and being around my friends and knowing how much they care about me is a great feeling. Knowing that my friends and family are always there for me makes me realize what I have in Montana (and in Washington). I am truly a lucky person. I guess I'll buy some extra hand cream and lip balm.

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