Friday, January 19, 2007

Peter and Dr. Tony-Typical males

Why is it that the male species (sorry Rev I know this does not apply to you, cause you are as anal as I am) can not shut a door when they come into a room?

It is warm here in Belize and the Hospital's air conditioner works better in certain areas than others. I like air conditioning especially after spending the morning out in triage in a tent in the parking lot. Air conditioning is a good thing. I finally convinced Dr. Tony that the door to the conference room should be shut to keep the cool air in. He replied that he is like this at home too. I feel so sorry for his wife. He said that he opens the cabinets and she comes along behind him and shuts them. Father Peter wanted to know why we even had cupboard doors.

HELLO???? Is this a male gene or something? I love you guys but not everybody needs to see in your cupboards. You don't need to heat/air condition the outside (wait maybe air conditioning the outside might not be a bad idea).

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