Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mmm tastey

Ok back in the states I have had trouble with mosquitos. In fact the first year that we lived in Illinois I got West Nile Virus (no one else on campus did but I did). Anyway, 'squitos love me. So I was a little worried about coming down here to Belize where they are very prevalent and carry Malaria (supposedly).

When Cece and I checked into our room at the Bonefish we found (Rev you might not want to read this) 3 spiders lurking in our bathroom. Neither Cece nor myself like spiders. But on the off chance that they might be 'squito eaters we decided to leave them and hope for the best.

I have also been using my new 'squito repellent and am happy to report that I have only two bites. Either the 'squitos here don't like 'em sweet or between the repellent and our friendly spiders Im doing well.

I will say that we are down to one spider this morning. Hope that is because our repellent has scared away his food supply so he left.

Blythe, who I have been working with in triage, has so many bites that she looks like she has chicken pox. Poor girl. Jill, also from triage, has several large bites that look like fun. No thanks.

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Reverend Ref + said...

I just wanted it noted that I was the one who dx'd you with West Nile.