Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I, like any other woman, love surprises. I also am not good at waiting. I am the first one peeking under the Christmas tree to find out what is there even though after having a child I know that 99.9% of what is under there is not for me.

But still I like surprises. I have found that my life is really full of surprises if I just sit back and take inventory.

1. My in-laws just a spent a week with us and surprise we are all still speaking to one another and yes we all had a great time. Actually it is no surprise. I am blessed with great in-laws who take me for who I am and don't try to make me fit into any kind of pre-conceived idea of what their son should have married. Trust me I do not fit the priestly wife mold by any means.

2. I actually can sit and watch tv with my twelve-year-old daughter and discuss concepts on soap-operas and realize that she understands a lot more about what love is really about than what I give her credit for. Surpise!

3. I, as the mother of a daughter, wanted to have the kind of relationship where we could talk about all sorts of things. She is a pre-teen and the emotions have been rocking and there are times when I would like to trade her in for a different model but still I love her and want to have a positive relationship. Surprise--- she asked about tampons the other day. Ok maybe I dont like surprises so much.

4. I have two darling piano students who are taking lessons through the summer and showed up for lessons yesterdays with flowers. why? Because they like me. Cool!

5. I came home from my daughter's volleyball practice only to, surprise find out that the jr. high booster club is not going to foot the nominal fee for camp for the volleyball team since they didn't help either the basketball or the football teams. It doesn't matter that neither of the other teams are going to go to a camp. Ok, again not a surprise I liked all that much.

6. My husband kindly listended to my ranting and raving about the booster club supporting boys sports more than girls and what kind of message are we sending etc....(those of you who know me know I can rant well) and then proceeded to, surprise take over where the booster club should have. Surprise!! Dont get me wrong my husband is a very giving person. He gives generously of his time and talent more than most people I know. We just aren't always in the position to be taking out the check book. My husband informed me that sometimes you need to make exceptions. Things will be tight but, Surprise things will be made easier for the girls on the team. Those that wouldn't have been able to go can now go and their parents never need to know any different.

I think my husband is my biggest surprise every day. Not just in his giving of himself, but the way he looks at life. The way he looks out for others. The way he always manages to put everyone else first and his own wants and needs last.

Surprise--I got a pre-teen daughter who I think is gonna be ok. I gotta great guy, who smells good, and has a great butt ;) and has a family who loves me. What more could a girl want?


Anonymous said...

so - i don't so much like surprises. (a history of most surprises being bad in my life.)

but it sounds like things are going along well there and you're getting some good surprises. i hope that those continue for you.


Lorna said...

refreshing look at surprises. I still struggle to see any surprises with non -skeptical eyes.

Unless I throw the surprise party that is :=)

Apostle John said...

I used to hate surprises! But I find that the best things in life sneak up to us unexpectedly.