Tuesday, June 28, 2005

my week in the car

Ok the last week was basically spent in the car. On Wednesday we (the child, the child's friend, my friend, and me) drove to Hamilton (5hr) in the car. The girls traveled well. They especially enjoyed the section through the cattle drive which was about 5-7mi long and was the longest cattle drive I have ever seen. We were estimating that it must have been 1500 head of cattle. And of course we were going the same direction as the cattle which isn't the easiest way through a cattle drive. If you are coming into them they tend to move out of your way but going with them is another story. They get in front of you, they dont move out of the way, the stop in front of you and look at you like "what the heck are you?" The girls however did enjoy it especially our friend from Chicago. I have to admit that the baby cows running to keep up with their mommies was really cute.

After we got to Hamilton the girls got to visit with 4 horses, see wild turkeys and they also got to feed deer almost right from their hands at the home of the people we were staying with. We went to Hamilton for a bridal shower of my good friend. We all had a good time. The brides grandma drank too much and so the brides sister and I drove her home. What an experience. Brought back memories of my alcoholic grandmother. Then the next morning I drove the brides car home with her sister and the child and friend for company while the bride drove with one of her brides maids who she had not seen for quite some time. We all had a good time. I only ran over one ground hog, missed the badger and the deer. YEAH me. especially since I was driving someone elses vehicle.

Then on Friday it was The Child's 12th birthday. So we went panning for gold and garnets, got quite the haul on the garnets. Then went for a trail ride in Virginia City (20mi from our home), then I brought her home, took a shower, and got ready for the wedding rehearsal. While I was getting ready for the rehearsal The Child got ready for her first softball tournament to be played in Bozeman 90mi away. The coach would be picking her up.

Saturday I took the girls to Bozeman for the 2nd game, we had to leave at 7am to be at the game on time. Not a pretty time since the girls didnt get home till 11pm the night before. Getting them up was not pretty. The Child's friend however was all packed and ready to go. So we loaded all of her stuff into the car and off we went. We watched the first game, not a pretty sight. The girls got slaughtered 29-0 in the 2nd inning. We finally called the game. Then we ate lunch, the girls got to goof around for a little while then I had to take The Friend to the airport and The Child had to play her second game. After leaving the airport I rushed home to make it to the reception of the wedding, changed into my wedding attire while I was driving. Did pretty well to, until I say the hitch hiker and two bicyclists. Put my shirt on pretty fast at that point. I know I just don't fit the lovely wife mold but what can I say a girls gotta do whata girls gotta do. The child got home that night at 10pm.

Sunday morning had to have the Child up again and ready to leave for camp at 7am. We then drove for 6hr to take her to camp. I got home at 9:30pm. Slightly tired.

Monday. Exhaustion has set in, wonder why. I have a meeting at 7pm I am hoping to last long enough to make it through the whole thing.

I dont advise doing this much long-distance driving in one week. Nor does RevRef recommend changing in the car.


Jane Ellen+ said...

Oh, that's funny.

I just hope you weren't moving while you were changing...

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