Monday, February 21, 2005

Mom's may always be right about some things. So pay attention.

For those of you who didn't know we live in a very rural community. Population 700. So when the influenza bug hit here it spread like wildfire. The town just down from us, roughly about the same size, one day had enough kids absent from school that they legally could have closed school. Would have been nice for those kids home sick not to fall behind right? But no, it would get in the way of the basketball teams eligibility to play in the tournament that weekend. Apparently there is some rule that says you have to have so many hours of school time prior to an athletic event. Oh well. Anyway.

My family was fortunate to only have one member of the household catch the wonderful little germ. Of course it wasn't my daughter. And thank heaven it wasn't my husband, no I got to be the lucky one. All the luck. First year in 18 years that I haven't had a flu shot because of my job and I get to get the flu. Rev Ref was really good and took excellent care of me. Didn't ask me to do anything. He just let me sleep a lot. Oh and he brought me home really good chicken noodle soup from the Lenten soup supper.

But after spending the week in bed, couging and breathing all those germs into my pillow I decided that I wanted to wash my pillow and start fresh. So I took 2 pillows to balance the washer and the darling daughter's slippers (we wash them often cause she has a foot odor problem and lives in her slippers). But I thought it would be good. My mother always said to put pillows in the dryer with tennis balls or a pair of clean sneakers, I figured clean slippers would work just as well. WRONG!!!!!!

Im hear to tell you if mom says to use sneakers or tennis balls use em. My pillow now smells like stinky feet!!! And yes I did wash the slippers so they were clean, but I tell you I would rather have my old germs back then to have my pillow smell badly. Now when I go to bed I not only have to deal with the bad dreams that the medicine that they put me on for the influenza gives me but I have to deal with a stinky pillow too. I tell you sometimes life just ain't fair. Im gonna go and buy two tennis balls and leave them in my laundry room that way I know I will always have two clean tennis balls on hand.

Meanwhile Im washing my pillow again and putting it in the dryer by itself. Maybe tonight I'll sleep better.


Dawgdays said...

Thank you. I needed that laugh. Hope you're recovering well.

I had never heard the tennis ball trick. I certainly didn't get it from my mom. Of course, I don't know that she ever told me anything about doing laundry. I guess she expected someone else to do it for me. Yeah, right.

Reverend Ref + said...

"Thank heaven my husband didn't get it"?????? Am I really that terrible of a patient?

Anyway, glad you're better. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he knows how to take care of you. We worked on that as a kid. Glad you are doing better.