Wednesday, October 27, 2004

outlets continued

Ok this weekend I blogged about outlets and how I need one. I then went to church on Sunday and sat in the front pew like normal and listened to my hubby preach. For those of you who have had the privelege of hear the Revref preach you know what Im talking about when I say he is an awesome preacher. He really knows how to put the Word out there and Im not just saying that because I have to listen to him preach twice on Sundays. Anyway, this particular Sunday, the whole time he was preaching (check his blog site ReverendRef for Sunday's sermon) all I kept thinking about was God. Now I know this is a good thing, after all we were in church and Revref was preaching about the Gospel but it just sorta hit me, why haven't I used God more as my everyday outlet. So after doing some serious thinking Ive decided that: 1. God doesn't always give me that immediate satisfaction that bitching or moaning to my friends does, nor does he always (almost never does He) do things my way. 2. I know that what is happening He is already aware of so what's the use, He obviously has a plan. But through this all I have come to realize that there comes a time when you have to choose to decide to use God as your outlet and see were that takes you. God and I have been buddies for awhile, and I have always understood that sometimes it's better that He choose my path and not take me were I always want to go. His way usually turn out better anyway! So to make a long story short God and I are going to work out an outlet system. I dont always like to gripe to God but we are going to work something out.


Jane Ellen+ said...

Oh, go ahead and gripe to God. If you check out the Psalms, you'll see he's used to it. ;-)

Seriously, I think this sounds like a fine plan. Of course, picking up the phone is still a good secondary source. I really should give you a call some evening or weekend, when the cell minutes are free.

Dawgdays said...

Heavens, I missed this one. Maybe it was during the blog's "pink" period.

I'm not sure that there's a plan, but I know God has helped me to cope. I know it, but I can't explain it. It's certainly hard to see at the time.

God as a outlet sounds like an good idea. I usually talk and ask questions, though I don't do it much. But whatever you choose to do, I'm sure God will understand.

Now, about the hubby of yours...

I don't think I've heard RevRef preach, but when I read his sermons I hear his voice. And you're right, he is one awesome preacher.