Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Home

We are finally getting settled in our new home. Fortunately we were able to rent the home of a parishioner who is out of the area for awhile seeking medical treatment. They have a lovely home and we are settling in nicely.

The home has a wonderfully landscaped yard that I can hardly wait to see in the spring. It also has a creek that runs through the backyard. The first couple of weeks that we were here it did nothing but rain and the creek did nothing but rise. I was extremely worried that I was going to need to pack and move to higher ground or possibly find out the address of Noah and where the ark was being built. Then I found out from a neighbor that, no, I just needed to "put on your waders and rake out the leaves from the fence at the edge of the creek". Hello? I'm from Montana, I don't have any waders!

I however, went to the store (3 stores actually) before I found waders that I deemed fashionably acceptable, blue with white polka dots. I then went home and spent the better part of a light rainy afternoon raking leaves out of the fence line.

To my relief the water is now flowing freely into the neighbors yard at a rapid rate and I no longer feel the need to look up Noah in the white pages. However every day that it rains, which is about 5 out of 7, I look out the window and wonder if the creek is gonna rise. Hopefully it will stay at a manageable level.

Meanwhile everyone is beginning to find their way around town, locating the coffee house and of course finding out how to get to the mall. Next step...look for work. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

good lord willin' and the creek don' rise.

love ya--mom