Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lost and Found

This summer as I cut up fruit for salad I think back to my youth and remember all the times my dad stopped at the fruit stands in my home town. Cherries, apricots, and peaches were always family favorites. Apples were just to common to be a favorite. I also think back to all the wild asparagus that I picked as a kid along the edge of the neighboring orchard as well as all the apricots I picked from my grandpa's trees.

My memories then travel to the jam that my grandma made and all of the fruit that she used to can. I must admit that I have never canned fruit but I have made jam. In fact as I am writing this I am currently waiting for the jars of my strawberry-rhubarb jam to cool, (my grandma would be so proud).

Times change. My grandmother, now 90 years-old no longer makes me jam for Christmas presents. The apricot trees of my grandfather's yard are also gone. It seams, for me things aren't meant to stay the same, after all if they did life would get boring.

So as the Rev and I currently wait for search processes to happen and a call to be discerned, I cant help but wonder what next summer will bring. What fruits will be in my area? What will be easy to obtain and what will I be missing? What great changes are in store for my family?Time will tell, for now I must just be patient.

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Stephanie said...

I remember my mom canning jelly along with pickles and pickled watermelon rinds. It's a nice memory. :-)