Wednesday, May 06, 2009

grab a potato peeler

What do you do when you have done your job as a farmer so well that you have more crops then your planned for? When it will cost you more to harvest those extra crops, ship them to the processing plant, and pay to have them processed than you will gross on the product?

Well you could just bury the crop and get on with your next planting or you could take the opportunity to bless the communities around you.

Fortunately for me I live in a community near a farmer who has a heart and a surplus of potatoes. This farmer had a great year. He harvested his expected amount which he sent off to the processing plant in Idaho for processing and to be sold, however he also had 21 tons of surplus potatoes that he has been giving away in the neighboring communities.

I am now in pocession of two wonderful bags of great tasting red spuds.
Thanks Farmer Guy.

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