Monday, April 20, 2009

Blood Orange by Drusilla Campbell

I enjoyed this book immensely. The book starts off with the abduction of Bailey, the special needs child of Dana and David. Dana and David each feel responsible for the abduction and when Dana realizes that she may have "unwittingly had a part in the abduction" things really start to get intense. But the story is about more than a child being abducted. I found this book to be more about learning to deal with what life has given you and how to forgive and how nobody is perfect rather than just a simple abduction.

Each character in the book is faced with forgiveness on some level: The priest deals with forgiveness in many different ways but how does a priest deal when it affects her own family and the ones she cares about the most? David a high priced defense attorney and his associates also deal with forgiveness as they defend a man accused of murdering a child. Dana deals with forgiveness on many levels, with her marriage, her best friend, her child, her past, and ultimately her self.

The characters were well written and really come to life. The priest is a little over-the-top but it works and helps to get the point across that I believe Ms. Campbell was trying to make with forgiveness, past actions, and how to step back and assess the future.

I would definitely recommend taking the time to read this book.


alisonwonderland said...

i came here from the Spring Reading Thing. thanks for your review. this one is on my to-read list.

Just Mom said...

I have this in my TBR pile. Your review makes me think I need to move it up in the stack! Thanks for posting.