Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok technically the Rev is not AWOL, I know where he is and when he will be back and yes both the Bishop and I have approved these little jaunts but he was gone last week, was home for Sunday and Monday and has been gone ever since to Omaha.

A wise person once told me that you need to be gone for someone to miss you. Rev, you can come home your absence has been felt. We miss you.

I recently asked an Army wife how she handles having her hubby gone for 6weeks at a time. She said that the family dog helps fills up the empty space in the bed.

Eureka...that's it. I need to get a dog.

There is a great Neufundlander up in VC that maybe would like to come home with me. hmmmm... come to think about it though I think the Neufi might take up more room in the bed than the Rev. Rev is shaped more like a doberman or a greyhound, sleek and lean.

Good thing Rev will be home soon, I don't think our marriage or the cats would survive a dog.

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