Monday, March 16, 2009

This One is for Alan and the Gang in Australia

Yesterday was a looong day.

Im not sure the general population understands the duties of a priest on a Sunday. Especially if the priest is a type "A" personality like the Rev. He goes to the church usually at least 1hr prior to service in order to make sure that every thing is in order; the heat is on, the altar is set (our altar guild will take care of putting everything away), putting out the ordos and then of course ringing the bell to make sure that the lovely wife who is next door putting on her make-up or brushing her teeth gets to church on time.

Then there is the greeting of everyone as they get to church, church service, greeting people as they leave church for coffee hour, running adult discussion groups after church, mingling during coffee hour, and then of course preparing for the next service which for my Rev includes packing everything up into the car to transport it to the next congregation and doing it all over again. This last part includes trying to get the Lovely Wife to leave one church so that we can make it to the next church in time to start the process all over again.

At the second church since we are ALWAYS early, I tend to start the coffee and make sure everything is set up for coffee hour.

After we get home from the second service, usually between 1:30 and 2 we get to eat and rest before either there is a vestry meeting, a nursing home service, an adult education session, or youth group.

This Sunday however the rev was teaching "Safeguarding God's Children" after the second service. It has been 3yrs since I attended this session and now that I am a Youth Group leader all the leaders are attending together. After that we had a meeting of the youth group leaders. All of this meant that we were not going to get home until at least 5:30. (Bonus Rev took me out for a quick lunch prior to the meeting. Yeah.)

Then there was the adult education at the first church at 6:30. I got asked several times if I would be attending. It was really hard to tell people that after being at church from 9-5, I was really sorry but I needed to be home for awhile with my daughter.

I was worried how it would look. I try really hard to support The Rev in all that he does but I just couldn't do one more church related activity. The Rev was really understanding.

Apparently I was missed, but like the Rev says, if I am always there they can't really miss me. So maybe it is good for them to not have me there ALL the time. Ill be there next time.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

I can sympathize. My Sunday always includes three services, and yesterday we also had two vestry meetings. I left the house at 7:00 AM, and got back home at 8:00 PM.

Neither husband nor children ran the circuit with me-- nor were they expected to do so. Having limits is also a good thing for clergy families.