Friday, February 20, 2009

How do you live your life?

The kid and I have been watching "True Beauty" on Monday nights. Normally we don't watch reality tv in our house but this one has been great for conversations with a teenager.

It has made us both a little bit more aware of how things can be perceived by others as well as how we ourselves want to be perceived.

The candidates are vying for a spot in Peoples 50 most beautiful people episode. Sometimes when we have watched these "beautiful" people it has become very obvious if that is what being a beautiful person is supposed to be like then both the kid and I are very happy with our average looks on the outside. Neither of us would trade up for the external beauty if it means having to behave the way these people are behaving.

That having been said it never fails that when getting together with group of good friends there comes a time when your behavior will lead you into doing something that will having you saying "it is better to seek forgiveness than ask permission".

This weekend I will be with a group of people that I dearly love. It should be a good time. I just recently found out that another couple is also joining us for dinner so it should be that much more fun and crazy with all 6 of us together picking on one-another and enjoying one another's company.

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