Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yes, moms do have eyes in the back of their heads

Ok, the best way to scrap is to scrap with friends.  I happen to scrap with friends who also are involved in my kids life in different ways.  Some of my scrapping buddies work at the school, some are substitute teachers, some are coaches, others see the Kid  and interact with her in different ways.  Therefore I not only have eyes in the back of my head I have them at the school, the bank, the church, etc....  

Why am I brining this up?  Because by being around these people and sharing stories and re-telling different events I learn things that I never would have had I not had the experience of their vast knowledge.  

After Saturday's scrap event, I went home and on Sunday morning I said to the Kid, "you didn't tell me about.....".  I then proceeded to sit back and watched first the wonder that registered on her face that I actually knew about the event.  Then I watched this expression rapidly give way to a sheepish, embarrassed look, which was quickly followed by a rapid speech about the event and how she had nothing to do with it.  (this I already knew).  It was all rather humorous.    

It was also purely priceless.  I wished I'd had a camera to capture the looks so that I could share them with you but we were brushing our teeth and getting ready for church.  Blindsiding em always adds to the effect.  

I highly recommend to any parent of a teen or pre-teen to find and befriend the coach (or coaches wife), school secretary, or any other teacher in the school.  You will be amazed at the entertainment value it will provide.   You thought two eyes gave you a lot of info just imagine what 6-8 sets of eyes all strategically placed can do for you.  


Jane Ellen+ said...

Remind me to tell you the story about my mom, sometime. She was flat scary that way.

Kim said...

You are not kidding! What a great way to remind kids that there are eyes always watching - even when we are all alone. "We are surrounded by so great a could of witnesses...".